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Patrick Biel

“Since 2003 I am renting out my racetracks all over Europe. In my eyes a nice late-night event is topped off with beautifully illuminated cars. Originally the SLC was supposed to be just a “small” solution regarding my desire for better slotcar illumination. Now that it has grown, I’ll be happy to also see the SLC helping other slotracers to realize the vehicle lighting that they always dreamt of.”

Eric Deisen

“Before the development of the SLC I was mainly involved with RC modelmaking. The SLC was different, the scale of 1:32 and the missing permanent current were real challenges. I am really satisfied with the outcome: the SLC is small, lightweight, and powerful, and thanks to this project I finally have a slotcar racetrack at home ;-)”

Jan Schreiber

““A software to make a few LEDs blink.” This—or something along those lines—was what Patrick said to me as he introduced me to the project at the beginning of 2016. 2 KByte RAM and 32 KByte flash memory are narrow bounds for any hardware, and to me in my capacity as a software developer they posed the same question again and again: „How do I get the same feature just a little bit smaller?“”



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